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After working for 27 years in a sedentary job, latterly hunched over a computer, I retired and wanted to get fitter. I joined a gym, after about 3 to 4 months my interest waned and I stopped going.

Then I started Pilates with Andrew and found that with his enthusiasm and patience, and my hard work, my posture has improved and so has my general fitness. Ten months on, I’m still attending and enjoying sessions.


Mike - retired General Practitioner



I joined Andrew’s Pilates classes after successful back surgery. Initially for some 1:1 sessions followed by regular studio sessions using both mat and equipment. Andrew planned an individual exercise programme. He is very patient and I soon trusted his skill and judgement, in spite of doing exercises I’d never have imagined 6 months earlier.

I’m now stronger, leaner and much more flexible, thanks to Andrew and Pilates. 


Liz - Occupational therapy manager (retired). Age is no barrier!




I have certainly benefited from Pilates whilst attending classes run by Andrew. Firstly, I have been impressed that Andrew has himself performed Pilates exercises from an early age. Secondly, I have utmost confidence in Andrew, as he solely specializes in Pilates. Thirdly, I have been impressed with the degree of care Andrew has given me on a personal level. Most importantly, classes run by Andrew are fun, and are worth looking forward to- you can even see in Andrew’s face how much he enjoys Pilates!


M.F - Doctor



I am still benefitting from my 1:1 lessons from Andrew. My body awareness continues to become more acute. Although I have had a break from lessons over the summer I have continued to gain new insights and my posture continues to improve.

When I came to Andrew last September I was completely exhausted and felt completely unbalanced. I had learnt to put up with the nagging pain of intermittent sciatica. I knew enough about Pilates to know that the best teachers have a background in dance. I felt so fortunate to find Andrew who as well as being a trained Pilates teacher had been a professional ballet dancer with prestigious ballet companies for many years. The classes became the highlight of my week and I felt so privileged to be taught with a professionalism which given Andrew’s background was not really a surprise.

I attended classes at his Manchester venue which is situated in a ballet school in Denton. He has with a fully equipped studio complete with the Pilates machines that I had hitherto associated with Manhattan. Because I had done my research into Pilates I was accepting of the process and knew that with learning new better habits that the old patterns should cease.

Even though I was armed with a bit of knowledge I was pleasantly surprised by the process. Andrew told me that Joseph Pilates said that after 3 courses of 10 lessons using the machines that a new body was possible. Since I was starting from a low base I was only hoping that I would feel better. Having completed the 3 courses of 10 lessons and I have to report that my energy levels have improved tremendously and I have almost forgotten that I had suffered from sciatica for many years. 


Kate - Practice Manager for private orthopaedic practice


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